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Doctor of the LEGO


Just a typical day at my local hospital.
ARRGH!!! Light flicker!!! I finally conquered my light flicker in this video but that doesn't mean that I got rid of it. I also experimented with cartoonish animation and dolly shots. It's not great but it's ok.

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Well, not Bad. Yes as you said light flicker and the odd camera bump, but this is still a great film.
I like the cartoony animation, it looks ok but could be better. Your really starting to improve.



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Re: Doctor of the LEGO

Animation could use some improvement in some parts, but a reasonable good movie, I'll say. mini/smile
Stan The LEGO Man, if you read this, top notch job with special effects. Especially the door explosion.
Though, the masking didn't turn out well.
At fist, I thought this was going to be a Doctor Who parody. xD I built a Doctor that looks like that, but with brown hair and a classic smile.
One thing that really was weir in this was the adventurous dude's body, which was a woman's body.

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I liked this film. Overall, it was funny and enjoyable to watch. There were some things that could be worked on though. It sounded like all the characters were voiced by the same person. Also, the masking looked akward and you could occasionally see the sticky tack. I did like the window crash though. Good job Stan on the special effects, and the animation was decent. Congratulation on the film!

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Re: Doctor of the LEGO

Thanks guys! I like the feedback. mini/smile

All the same voices were due to the fact that none of my voice actors really responded.

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So yeah, I'm back from my mind.

Re: Doctor of the LEGO

If you even need some in the future, I can do a wide variety of good voices, and I have a reasonably nice recording device.
I'm also a theater actor and have played a leading role before.

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Thanks! I'll remember that. Oh and BTW I did the masking not Stan. I don't want to give him a bad rep.

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So yeah, I'm back from my mind.

Re: Doctor of the LEGO

I loved it. mini/smile

LOVE the fact that he's

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wearing two pairs of sunglasses


The animation could use some work for a better cartoony effect, but apart from that, very enjoyable.