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Suicide Squad


Things don't go according to plan...

Zach Macias, Gareth Pugh and Sean Willets

This is more of a test than anything (as you can probably tell). I've just switched over to using a DSLR and am still learning how to get the right settings. Also, it's my first try at 20 FPS.

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Awesome! Very nice job! The story and voicing were great! The only thing that I would say that you should work on is frame rate. Using the ease in and ease out technique will make your videos superb! I would also suggest reducing camera shake, try not to touch your camera at all. There are many programs that allow you to control your camera through your computer, which will help. Can't wait to see more from you! And remember I am being picky, so don't stress too much about these comments. Keep up the good work! Great animating!

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Rather well made, but I wonder that you did not put language in the content advisory.

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Jayko wrote:

I wonder that you did not put language in the content advisory.

Honestly didn't even cross my mind.  I'll change it in a bit.