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This is my first time doing this.  It is for my BRAWL 2013 entry.  There are a total of four speaking roles.

Young Man: Taken]
Late teens - early twenties.
Test Lines: "What does he want, Uncle Tom?"
                 "Don't you feel ashamed!?"
6 Lines.
Additional Notes: Kind of naive.

Uncle Tom: Taken]
Test Lines: "I already do that.  For free!"
                 "Businessmen like Mr. Swift crave money and power."
About 5-10 Lines.
Additional Notes: A wise man.

Mr. Swift: Taken]*
Around 30 years of age.
Test Lines: "people need to find a different approach."
                 "it's good for you, you know"
About 4 Lines.
Additional Notes: A kind of patronizing tone would be good.

Workman: Taken]*
Test Lines: "It's about time you left"
1 Line.

Email the Test Lines to [email protected]

* The deadline is over but if you want to audition for these characters (*), you can but I have to continue with the project in order to finish in time.

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I've sent you the lines! mini/smile