Topic: Space Pirates

I guess this is the first project I can call a "film"...
Basically the plot is very thin, but a group of rebels goes up against a band of space pirates.
I'm having major issues with the quality picture of my Logitech Quickcam 4000, I looked at all the lighting tutorials and they don't seem to help, any suggestions would be awesome.
Please critisize this, I'd like to know what to do better next time

I've got nothing.

Re: Space Pirates

I was really exited when I read the title, there are far to films with bizarre space themed hybrids.

I think there are a few things that you could do to really make your next film better: First I would try to build some sets, in this film there was nothing that really established the setting in space.  Even adding something like a small spaceship on a landing platform in the back would have helped set the tone.  You may have been able to improve your backdrop by punching some pin holes in it and aiming a lamp from behind to create some stars.

Later in the film I was a bit confused after the first two pirates were killed, where did the other figs come from, there was not much continuity if you had taken a little time to establish that they were with the space pirates it would have helped.  Good luck!