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Thanks for the reviews, chaps.

The audio editing was the most enjoyable part of making this.

Glad someone noticed the "decapitated head" in the first shot. It's not so much a decapitated head as it is just a regular ol' neighborhood pervert peeking out a window.

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Yo, KG, check your pm's. mini/wink

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Hahaha, nice one. The audio really helped the gags and the wah wah wah at the end, priceless.
Good use of heads for emotion. TLC should release a brickfilmers head pack with 1/2 dozen heads with great expressions.


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That was just brillant. mini/bigsmile
I have to come up with ideas like that

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just perfect man mini/lol


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OK, I give up. I've watched this over a few times now so I could post some constructive criticism rather than just saying "LOL awesome" but I can't find anything to pick nits over. The timing's exactly right, the sounds are great, the glimpse of death, everything - it's all just really well done.

LOL awesome.