Topic: Brickstuff LED Dimmer for set lighting

Rob Klingberg at Brickstuff asked me to help get the word out about a new product: a dimmer for LED lighting. This is something I've wished was available on my brickfilm projects before, and more complex than a conventional dimmer -- I'll let Rob explain:

We made it specifically for brickfilmers, and Bricknerd and Brotherhood Studios are just some of the folks using it.  Unlike most “dimmers” (which create the effect of dimming by using fast on and off pulses), our dimmer actually changes the voltage into the lights, so when photographers or brickfilmers take a photo, the light will be actually as they see it (dim).  With pulse-driven dimmers, they will either get “all on” or “all off” when they take a photo, even though the light looks “dim” to the eye.

I think this could be a really useful tool for shaping light at the small scale of "practical," in-set LED lighting of sets, considering dimmers are a mainstay of live action work that I do.

Re: Brickstuff LED Dimmer for set lighting

That's pretty cool. Reasonable price too!