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Hi guys,

This is the thumbnail for my new brickilm project I am working on:LEGO Wolfenstein: Operation Cthulhu, a tribute to H.P. Lovecraft's works and my first video game, Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Actually, I make the story-board and a few tests and it may be released on the end of February or March!

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Any progress? I like the idea of a Lovecraftian WWII flick a lot.
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Re: LEGO Wolfenstein: Operation Cthulhu

jampot wrote:

Any progress?

Well, I finished recently my entry for the Summer Contest (Legend of the Highlands, them, I will work soon again on this projetc. For now, I made more than 3/4 scenes but after that, I have to edit after that. So I thing, it will be released for novembre ou decembre.