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Hey everyone!

Well, with how things went with Bob and Randy Episode 2: The Pirate Ship Internship, I've decided to form a plan of sorts for the rest of the episodes. Thought I'd share some thoughts here and see what you guys think!

For those who don't know, Bob and Randy were two characters I came up with back when I was working with another YouTube channel. They showed up in two films called "Pineapples" and "Hand of Solek," but I wanted to do more with them since they were super wacky and off-the-wall. They showed up in "Jeremiah Jedidiah Joe" for a cameo and Bob appeared in "Operation: Family Reunion," but I wanted to do more with them. The idea for a show popped up after I started watching Minilife TV and realized that I could do a series of my own.

So then episode 1 went down, episode 2 went down for Spirit of Adventure, and I've gotten some great feedback! I'm feeling energized and I'm going to continue the trends.

Episode 3 is currently in the works ... well, it's been in the works for a while. I had a lot of ideas for episode 3 but I rearranged them in another order that would work with my brickfilming capabilities at the moment. If it's gonna require some simpler sets (ie: episode 1), then I can do it here on campus. If it's going to require something crazier (ie: episode 2), then I have to wait until I get home.

Until the script is finished, I am hesitant to share something and then be all "wait, wait! It's different now!" So in the meantime I'll share the videos where it all started. Stay tuned for more progress reports!

Hand of Solek:

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YESSSSSS!!!! Finally, a BTS look at Bob and Randy! mini/yes

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It's such a great series.  One of my new favorites.

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Got two updates for you fine folks! I have an updated character list and some remodeling work I've done.

( … eries.html)

The six main season characters are ...

  • Bob - Wizard, roommate, optimist,  pineapple enthusiast, and dependable friend. His original title in Pineapples was Wizard Bob, a fact I've somewhat ignored until now. It's more of a lore detail than anything else, so I want to focus on the direction of the series before I expand on that. Bob isn't supposed to be stupid or a bumbling idiot character, but he does have an eccentric personality and a habit of stating the obvious in really straightforward ways.

  • Randy - Rocker, roommate, loves philosophy books, green tea, and metal. Randy also has the wizard background of Bob from Pineapples, but is a lot more chill and relaxed. Both he and Bob are supposed to be characters that aren't easily fazed when things go wrong, but where Bob keeps smiling, Randy is always calm. Think of Randy as Ferb to Bob's Phineas.

  • Captain Existential - Brikskovian, roommate, professional pessimist and cynicist. My friends thought Captain was funny, so I decided to make him a supporting character in the series. Brikskovia is a fictional nation like Marvel's Wakanda or DC's Kahndaq, basically inspired by Russia. He speaks his mind in all situations and is known for his blunt honesty. His name is a joke off of my super meta brickfilm of the same name - whether or not I'll continue with that meta joke has yet to be decided.

  • Chris - Director, producer, and pretty much the only guy paying rent at the GBP house. Sig figs are a fun part of brickfilming and by throwing myself in, it means I can let my friends cameo as themselves. Chris and Ian did it for Minilife TV, so I guess I have an excuse!

  • Cedric the Bold -Wide-eyed time travelling knight messenger who ... unfortunately forgot the message. A random character I made a while back and decided I had to include in a video somehow. Many of you remember Cedric the BULL from Knights' Kingdom - in this series, they were brothers and when Cedric travelled forward in time, the other Cedric stole his identity and took the credit for all his hard work. It wouldn't be a good series without some kind of time travel, right? mini/lol

  • Detective Willard - Monologue-happy investigator with a slight addiction to coffee and a sarcastic sense of humor. Inspired by Minilife TV's Death and SillyPenta's Skully characters, I knew I wanted a high-pitched skeleton with a food addiction in my series somehow mini/tongue This is the first core character that I have recruited another voice actor for - Jared from DudeBrick. Normally I like to voice main characters so I can be prepared in case someone can't send me lines, but I figured having some outside vocal talent could be a lot of fun!

All six are roommates and good friends. Chris works at GBP Studios, Captain is a security guard, Cedric is between jobs, Willard is a detective, of course, and Bob and Randy will have careers of their own in a few episodes.


I also made some upgrades to the GBP House! Pictures below are of the front deck, the greenery, and the lawn.

The GBP House is basically the center of the show, where the roommates hang out and their adventures often begin. I thought the porch was a little too bare and I wanted green bricks for a lawn, so I picked up a ton of them at a Pick-A-Brick wall and put the house right on top of them all. The flowers are to add some color, the trees remain, and the furniture ensures I could theoretically have all six roommates there at once.

Thanks for reading this update! In the works is Episode 3: I Bought The Illuminati At A Bake Sale. Remember what I said about Bob and Randy and future careers? Oops, I've said too much mini/tongue

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Alright, I got my guest voices for episode 3! Recording and filming begin today.

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Yay! So glad you're doing more! I've also been wanting to see more of Captain Existential! Looking forward to the rest of the series!

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Just found this thread! Super pumped for Episode 3! Can't wait for Detective Willard to show up and cause some mayhem mini/wink