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Hello! this is a casting call for a superhero series I plan to make in the future. the film is Called The Protector. The Protector (Yakar) is from the planet Verus.
NOTE: this is a series, so if you audition, there is a good chance I will need you to come back and voice that character in the next episodes.

EMPEROR XOITH (pronounced zoyth)
Antagonist, Emperor of Verus, Alien buggoid, wields katana, hides his dark side around his citizens. everyone thinks he is a good, trustworthy emperor. his voice needs to sound Scary-but-not-too-scary. not a deep voice, but somewhere in the middle.
TEST LINES: "What about the boy?" "Yes, My lord."

NOKAR (pronounced No car)
Father of Yakar. the previous Protector. when he dies, he passes the cape and armor to his son (the main protagonist).30 year old man. wields "The Blade of Latrop" (pronounced La-trop)(gives him the ability to slice through space and time. it's like a melee version of the Portal Gun from Valve's Portal game)
TEST LINES "(kind and loving) Of course, son! The Protector is a title that is passed down through generations! When my father retired, he passed the armor, the title, and the Latrop Blade down to me! and when I retire it will all be passed down to you!"

Mother of Yakar. A very small role. only one short line in this episode.
TEST LINE: (her only line this episode) (respectful) "Su Tcetorp" (Su Tcetorp is "Protect Us" spelled backwards. )

A very large role. the main antagonist. in this episode he only appears as a dark cloud with glowing red eyes. he has a "batman voice" except it's scarier, and more monstrous. if you can't do a deep enough voice, I can alter it with Audacity.
TEST LINE: "(evil, scary, batman voice) Good... The plan has been set back in motion. now that that meddling fool is out of the way."

you can choose this role as well as one of the others. or you can just be this role. I don't think "Audience" needs much more explanation. just audition if you want and I will use all auditions for this role.
TEST LINE: (only line) (respectful) "Su Tcetorp" (see YAKAR'S MOTHER for explanation)

send your recorded test lines to me at [email protected]. Test lines are due Sunday, April 22nd, 2018. thanks to everyone who auditions! if you have a question, PM me or E-Mail me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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I might be able to do  NOKAR, or EMPEROR XOITH. Not quite sure, I might try mini/smile

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might try Creater Without a world

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hey this looks cool! Might try out for a role, I'll see!

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I changed The Creature without a World's information a bit. so re-read that before you audition if you can mini/tongue

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