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Mikko's Madness Part 1


It's my random Mikko stuff.
3 of Mikko's short adventures in this animation.

The goat figures are not founded out by me, I saw them assembled somewhere.

At that part (0:40), when Mikko talks with an other guy about hotels, I don't want to hurt anybody, it's just for fun, a parody of a short brickfilm 'Hotels' made by Legostudiosplus. I liked this becouse of its so spontaneus and unique, so I recreated it in my video.

Re: Mikko's Madness Part 1

I see that you were going for a slapstick vibe here, but the jokes would work a little better if the pace was sped up a bit. I liked the concepts behind the gags, they were pretty funny! I think you've got a lot of potential, you just need to work on the animation quality a bit! mini/smile

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Re: Mikko's Madness Part 1

Fun random stuff, and Awesomepants beat me to it. I think you could play it at double speed and it would flow nicely.