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Le Voyage in the Time

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In the near future (in a few centuries), a brilliant scientist has managed to create a machine to travel in time. The problem ? His fanatic acolyte of the 80s will project them there. Frightened by the haircuts of the passers-by, they will have to avoid modifying the short of the events... Ouch.

If you notice the errors in the subtitling, thank you to let me know so that I correct ! mini/wink

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Re: Le Voyage in the Time

That was really entertaining! This film was really well made. It had a good script from what the subtitles tell me. I enjoyed it. There was some light flicker, this is something I am also guilty of having in my films, but it didn't detract too much from the film. A solution I'd recommend is to change the bulbs in your lamps, make sure you are not using light from the sun/daylight, and that the lamps are secure. Other than that, this was an enjoyable film about time travel. mini/smile