Topic: 24 Fps walking / animation test - Looking for feedback

Hey guys,

Been some time since I've animated.

So I had a chance to do some animation today and decided to try 24 fps.

I would like to mention before hand this was shot in very poor lighting as it was all that was available and due to it the blacks are crushed.

I'm just curious about the speed of the walk feeling rather fast, do I need to add more frames to the walk motion?

I did reduce its original speed from 100% to 90%.

Also should I be animating in 12 and adding frames, or would it be better to shoot 24 with single frames?


Any feedback on how I can improve the animation / walk cycle would be appreciated. (I understand it's not the typical leg walk cycle).

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Re: 24 Fps walking / animation test - Looking for feedback

Your link didn't work, so I went to the youtube in your signature and found "Lego Dumbledore Test" which I think is what you are referring to. It does look a bit fast. Have you tried playing it back at half speed (12fps)? It probably looks great as is. Unless you're doing very fast action like staggers or vibration, do you really need to animate in 24fps? It might be more work than it's worth.

Re: 24 Fps walking / animation test - Looking for feedback

Hi! I think it's awesome animation, but the walking was a little fast. I liked the water though, and I think the lighting made it look cool.

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