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BrothersWaughStudios wrote:

Being an action and sci-fi enthusiast, and having immensely enjoyed the only other John Carpenter movie I've seen so far, which was Big Trouble in Little China, I thought it was right up my alley and already figured I'd enjoy it.

I absolutely LOVE Big Trouble in Little China. We had just shown it to my Grandmother a few weeks ago - and she really enjoyed it as well. Quirky, action packed, and very, very funny. Great film! mini/smile

Definitely an underrated 80's classic. And one of my all-time favorite films!

Sadly, I've seen too much of They Live to not have the plot spoiled - however, I may look into watching it sometime in the future. I'm a fan of John Carpenter's music - and am also a big wrestling fan; so it's kind of right up my alley.
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Re: What was the last movie you watched?

Dude, I know that movie is so good.

Yeah, I know, that sucks. I'd already had some of the movie spoiled before watching, but it is still fun even if you know what's coming next, and I think it'd be worth it. Roddy Piper delivers a surprisingly solid performance for being a wrestler first, and actor second.

Yeah, John Carpenter is great. He' made some movies that I can't ever see myself watching, either because I'm not interested or because of questionable content that I don't think is worth getting through, but I am going to watch Halloween, The Thing, and Escape From New York.

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Re: What was the last movie you watched?

Dyland wrote:

I absolutely LOVE Big Trouble in Little China. We had just shown it to my Grandmother a few weeks ago - and she really enjoyed it as well. Quirky, action packed, and very, very funny. Great film! mini/smile

Oh, I have to see it, still laying on my desk!

Anyway, last movie I saw was Captain Fantastic, and it really is fantastic!
About a day before I also watched Ed Wood, also a great movie that I'm mentioning cause it's a nice story about filmmaking and the problems of doing it, so I think a lot of you could like it.

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Oh, cool. Just had that movie recommended to me yesterday, actually.

Last movie I watched was The Presidio (1988) with Sean Connery and Mark Harmon. I thought it was good. I also tried to watch the new Jackie Chan movie Bleeding Steel (2017) , and couldn't even finish it it was so bad.

Here are my reviews of both movies on IMDb. (The Presidio) (Bleeding Steel)

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Re: What was the last movie you watched?

Speaking of John Carpenter films I saw Escape from New York at the cinema recently for the 4K restoration release and that was definitely a fun experience. I hadn't seen it before but I've always enjoyed John Carpenters films and this was no exception, especially with the Kurt Russell as the lead.

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Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

For those who have yet to see it, if you can wait for this long then it might be worth waiting until the next installment (for those who don't know there will be a total of 5 Fantastic Beasts movies) to watch this film, as it's essentially setting us up for the next film (I know some people felt that was what the first one was, but I'd argue that the first was more of an introduction to the world and the state it's in than a proper set up). So yes, on its own this film doesn't hold up too well, but I think once all of the movies have been released, it will be a far more significant and worthy part to the story, as there is a lot of information thrown at you in this film (particularly in the last 15 minutes or so). Another issue was that there were a few issues with breaking the lore, for example the age and time periods of a certain character

Spoiler (highlight to read)(McGonagall)

Also, in my opinion, there were too many sub plots happening at the same time. However, despite all of this the film does have its merits. I felt that there was a lot of good character development for most if not all of the main characters (and for those invested in those characters, this is a must watch as there was A LOT of development), and I felt that there was a good balance of both answering a lot of the questions left over from the first film (and even from the franchise as a whole) while also asking a few more questions to be explained in later films. There are also several other awesome moments (including the feature of fan favourites) that I'll leave for you to experience first hand should you choose to see it, and as always the quality of production is fantastic (pun intended mini/tongue ) as always. So while it's not a film that you need to see immediately, I'd definitely recommend anyone who's interested in this series to see at some point, which you may want to do before spoilers start to be referred to all the time (unless that doesn't bother you off course!)

Spoiler (highlight to read)And for those wondering, it has been confirmed that how Credence is related to Dumbledore will be explained further down the line.
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Re: What was the last movie you watched?

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
It's a fantastic movie! Seriously, if you haven't already, just go see it.

There is so much this movie does right. While it boasts a fairly large cast of characters, the focus never leaves Miles and beautifully gives us his journey in this giant world. Also, with all the live action Spider-man movies looking solely at Peter, it's nice to get a breath of fresh air in seeing all these different Spider-People. Watching an older, more experienced and confident Spider-man swinging around being heroic was a delight, and even the broken Peter B. Parker still felt like he had the optimism and heroic spirit that we know and love. (That's how you do a broken and discouraged, yet still heroic character! Take notes Star Wars!) Also, this version of Aunt May was awesome.

The texturing and feel seriously looked, felt, and very nearly smelled like a comic book come to life. As a fan of both animation and comic books, that blew me away. I'm not a big fan of most of the music, but that's a personal bias. It fit the characters and situations well; it's just not my thing.

Looks like Sony actually can make a really good Spider-Man film without Marvel looking over their shoulder. Let's just hope they learn some lessons from this and apply those in their live action films. (Note: I haven't seen Homecoming, but Sony's record before that was spotty.)

Re: What was the last movie you watched?

Yes, Spiderverse was amazing. I was afraid might be overhyped because I didn't see it until this past weekend, but it wasn't. Go see it before it is.

Last night I caught Bird Box, which was a lot like that M Night Shyamalan movie with Mark Wahlberg. Worth a watch if you like that sort of thing. Very pertinent to today's world, where so many have gone completely insane, making me wonder what the hell is in the water. Probably flouride. Buy Tom's of Maine.