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Vorstellung: Snäik


Long time ago, I did a small series of 4 Episodes to introduce and characterize my main Figures, which appear in many different stories of my brickfilm-universe. (Even though these characters already appeared in many of them. I felt the urge to give them a small clip for themselves)

The last episode is about Snäik, Solid Snäik. I adapted him from Metal Gear Solid and changed his name a bit because I was unsure about copyright back in these days. Also I thought it was kind of funny....
Well like in the video game series, he is a secret agent, who has to fulfil more or less important tasks. Sometimes his tasks are a bit strange... Like the outcome of this one. Enjoy!

PS: Sorry for this is also a german brickfilm.

Re: Vorstellung: Snäik

No need to apologize. The beauty of film is that, being a visual medium, it's universal. Although I didn't understand what the characters were saying, the film held it's own. I liked the animation, and could immediately see the Metal Gear Solid influence.

All things considered, I really enjoyed this. Would love to see more Snäik in the future! mini/wink Love that bandanna.

Re: Vorstellung: Snäik

Thank you very much. I am currently working on some subtitles since I found the integrated subtitle workshop in YT.:lol:
I appreciate you liked the bandanna. I really like to work with paper additions to my characters. But then someone criticized me for doing so a long time ago.

And yes! Snäik is a common character in my brickfilms. There are also a lot of "codec"-Szenes between him and "Körnel" (colonel). I will post them time after time. mini/smile

Re: Vorstellung: Snäik

Lmao, this was hilarious! I got that Metal Gear Solid vibe right away, but the payoff literally made me laugh out loud. I took a couple semesters of German in college and I don't remember much of it, and it goes by so fast. All I caught was "Haus" and "Geburtstag" so it didn't help really, but as Dyland mentioned, it wasn't necessary. It was very clear what was going on! And the timing was perfect!