Re: Share Your Test/WIP & Give Feedback

Here's a poor quality RPG turn battle test.

Re: Share Your Test/WIP & Give Feedback

I created this 4 years ago.  It ends abruptly because life happened, etc.  The source images are all lost so I plan to start over.

I made the background all blue because

  • I don't know what makes sense as a background for this scene

  • Maybe the blue can be CGI-replaced with something later

  • I have no idea what I am doing mini/eek

As I am now creating my new set, I am open to feedback on the lighting, backdrop, etc.    Thank you!

Re: Share Your Test/WIP & Give Feedback

Here is a test I did in order to see how well i could sync my audio to my visuals. No crazy movement just simple body language. Im getting into animation (but I should be doing it more often) and I appriciate any feedback, thank you.

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