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I completed the survey, sent over three pictures, and also animated for a while with it today.
While I'm loving the 1080p capture, the program is lagging terribly after each frame.

After clicking "capture," the frame seems to be taken immediately, but the timeline updates a whopping six seconds later. That's also when the sound goes off. I'm fine with a short delay, and would understand a long-ish one at higher resolutions, but six seconds a frame adds up quickly. Also, after passing about 100 frames, the playback began to slow down. Upon nearing 200 frames it started to go about half speed. The second is not a big issue at all, but it's something to be aware of.

However, I'm pretty sure I know why these happen.

Unlike other programs that needed an export time, it seems Boats saves each frame right after taking it. That's awesome, as it acts as an automatic safety in case of a crash. However, playing back and writing those big files may be the cause of the delays.

Have you noticed the delays as well, and if so, is there a practical way to fix them?

Re: Boats Animator - free, open-source stop motion program

Thanks for completing the survey Pritchard (and everyone else who has)!

I am aware of a short delay after capture, but I have not seen it take that long.  Playback slow down is also something I haven't seen before. I will investigate and get back to you. mini/smile

The capture and playback code is one of the oldest parts of the program, so it's quite possible that I may be able to rewrite parts of it to be far more efficient.

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Re: Boats Animator - free, open-source stop motion program

Just to give some feedback on top of what Pritchard says - I haven't noticed any delay after capture, but playback does slow down at times. I shoot at 1600x1200 and my computer is starting to get pretty old, so that might factor in for the playback issue.

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Thanks for looking over everything!
I've been animating since then and the delay has dropped to 2-3 seconds. I'm not sure what was up that day to make it longer and haven't specifically tried to replicate it yet.

Playback is still delaying though.