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Another SOAD brick film

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First proper try, comments and advise welcome

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Pretty good although rough animation-wise, it helps that I like the song you chose. Some of the views from above angle looked awkward, (I can’t remember if it is similar to the official music video)

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Yip it's pretty rough, only 4 frames/sec and I didn't lip sync the lyrics properly... Wonder how many frames/do I need to appear smooth?

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Still pretty good for your first try , a good starting point is 12 or even 15 frames a second, and you will notice an instant improvement, then with practice aim towards 25 frames per second, it requires a lot of practice and even more patience but then a satisfying end result makes it all worth it , keep going  mini/smile


Re: Another SOAD brick film

Pretty good for your first effort! I like the shot at 2:45, it was a good idea to bring the camera down to the level of the minifigs. The lip syncing is cool too - most people don't try face animation.

Like Dave said, animating at 12-15fps is enough to get fluid movement going. One piece of advice I would give is mix up the camera angles a bit. There's some good shots in there, but shooting the whole film from the top down does get a bit repetitive. mini/smile

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Thanks guys, will up my frame rates for the next one. Gonna find a way to position my phone better or need to buy a decent webcam too.