Topic: CLOSED - LEGO Island "Brickster" Casting Call

1. The Greening Part.

Good day to you, residents of Bricks In Motion I have come to the forums under the category of "Casting Calls" to inquire your service.
Getting right to the point, I'm working on a three to five-minute short film spoofing the classic video game, LEGO Island 2.

2. The Context Part

The storyline in this game is essentially a pizza delivery boy tries to catch a dastardly criminal, The Brickster. In LEGO Island 2, Brickster escapes prison and scatters the pages of the Constructopedia, the book that essentially holds all the "sets" in LEGO island together, to various islands.
The main characters in this particular game are Pepper Roni, the town pizza delivery boy, The Infomaniac, the keeper of the Constructopedia and creator of LEGO Island, and last but not least, The Brickster.

Here's a snap of The Brickster from LEGO Island 2.

3. The Part That Actually Matters

The Brickster is a very peculiar person. He has a strange love for pizza, which Pepper uses to lower him back to his prison cell in LEGO Island. He suffered a tragic backstory, where he was never given any LEGO set to play with. Thus, he thirsts for all bricks he can get his hands on. He also has an army of robots... 

Why I come here is for this exact character. I have a friend voicing The Infomaniac, I have a friend voicing Pepper. But I cannot seem to find someone who can voice Brickster. So here I come with my request;

I need someone with a male voice who can do a New Jersey accent, and who has a half decent microphone.
Here is a scene from LEGO Island 2, in which Brickster has some speaking parts. (Skip to 17 Minutes in)

Now, your voice does not need to be spot-on, just similar.
However, if you are thirteen and your voice may have not changed much yet, but you can do a Brickster accent, It's doubtful that you would get the role. (I still love ya guys).
I also ask that you have a semi-decent microphone. PLEASE DO NOT RECORD ON YOUR COMPUTER MIC.
A phone with Apple earbuds underneath a blanket is fine. But if you can, please, PLEASE use a good mic.

There ya go! There's the casting call!
If you are interested in this role, please send me a Direct Message me here on BIM or on Brick a Brack. I will ask for voice acting examples to hear your vocal range and such, but I won't be asking for a test line as of now.

That's all, folks! Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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