Topic: Star Wars Bounty 2 - Casting Call

Bounty Episode 1:

So I am finally continuing my Bounty Series and I am looking for some voice actors to star as some characters in this episode and potentially more.

Characters include:
Kitwa -
Main Series Regular Role
He is a timid, loyal Wookiee who is not a great fighter. Though he does not know his own strength.
For this character all that I want to see is that you can sound like a Wookiee and portray emotions.

Trandoshian Fighter -
Limited to this episode
A savage fighter in the Corellian Underworld fight arena.
Lines:  "Your head will make a nice trophy for my collection" "Are you ready to die runt?"

Fight Commentator -
Limited to this episode
A sly and devious character
I am imagining an American accent
Lines: "You're joking right?" "Looks like this fight is over for poor Kitwa".

Dr Stryder -
Minor Role for this episode but a Major Villain in the series
He is a brilliant, mad scientist who requires the main characters Zhaf and Traya to complete his horrific experimenter.
Works with the Guavian Death Gang.
Scottish or British accent is what I am envisioning for this character.
Line: "Excellent work, you will be paid handsomely for your efforts".

Background characters -
This is more just for background noise clutter.
The two scenes include a bar and a fight arena.

Thank you for your time.


Re: Star Wars Bounty 2 - Casting Call

Interested in the fight commentator.