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Hey everyone!  It's been a while since I've been around here at all.  I'm now in California studying music composition, and thought it would be fun to post tracks from a feature-length student senior thesis film (live action) I scored this previous school semester.  It ended up being 50 minutes of music total, and we were fortunate enough to be able to record it live with our school's string orchestra.  It's by no means 'professional', but was an incredible learning opportunity and I'd love 
for some of you to check out these bits of the score.  Obviously this is just a few minutes of it, and the movie is still in post production so the full score will be released some time this next year. 

All these were composed, orchestrated (with an assistant for some orchestration), and conducted by Jorden Davis.   

Cue 013-014 "Just Shut Up"
Cue 073 "Give Thanks"
End Credits

Thanks for listening!

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Amazing work, Jorden! Nicely orchestrated and smooth on the ears. How was it like working with a real ensemble?
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Dyland wrote:

Amazing work, Jorden! Nicely orchestrated and smooth on the ears. How was it like working with a real ensemble?

Thank you!  I appreciate your compliment. 
In short, it was fantastic! 
The long answer is that what's always the most compelling part of music for me is finally hearing it from a live player, not as much the writing of it.  For this project we were very limited in time; writing was relatively rushed, we had about a quarter of the recording time that a professional orchestra would use to record 50 minutes of score, and we're playing with a non-professional college orchestra.  So it meant that the writing had to be very intentional in the technicality and complicated nature of the music - writing for live players is very different than just writing using sample libraries.  So a lot of stuff was kept very simple, moreso than I would have liked. 
But it was an incredible experience, we got through it, and I have stuff to show for it!

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Very nice!

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Hey everyone! I just released a demo/EP thing. It's a bit rough, but overall I'm happy with how it came out. It's part of a band/solo music project I do on the side. Give it a listen if you're into any combination of Blink-182, Greg Kihn Band. and Colleen Green.

You can stream it on Soundcloud here:

If you have the desire to download it, I can also post the Bandcamp link.