Topic: BIM Summer Contest Casting Call

Hi! I'd like to have some actors for my contest entry! I need an English ruler, a wizard, and a narrator. My idea of the movie is to keep it cartoon-y. Similar to the Dover Boys So keep things very exaggerated and cartoon-y!

Here's the link to the script: Script
PM me to know if you'd like to voice act, and then send me the recordings by email at [email protected]
I hope to have all the dialogue done by next week so I can start animating!
Thank you!

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Re: BIM Summer Contest Casting Call

Anyone interested in voice acting for my Past and Future Summer Contest Brickfilm? I need a Pirate, a gruff sailor, and a generic first mate, also someone who can do a good computer voice. If you are interested, please message me soon!

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I'd like to think I'll finish a project one of these days...