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Hey everyone! Monitogo Studios, creators of Bound, are at it again with a new brickfilm! This time we were honored to partner with Rioforce, Pongowl, and Jack Nop to produce something beautiful.

Atlas is a short set during the 1930's about a family trying to avert a terrible railroad disaster with little time to do so.  We featured practical atmospherics and some pretty cool sets. Currently there's a Kickstarter going on - we know people loved Bound, and we want to make something else you guys will love! If you're interested, check it out.

We totally get that everyone isn't down with backing us, but if you'd share it to your friends, family, Facebook, etc. it would go a long way towards Atlas being finished. We need to finish the tail end of production and then climb that post mountain, and that's where Kickstarter comes in. Thanks for the love everyone! … reator_nav


Mudskipper, a.k.a., Monitogo Studios

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This is going to be epic:yes:

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Yeah, I can't wait!  BOUND is one of my favorite brickfilms, so, with another Monitogo movie we should expect the same, if not better, quality! mini/bigsmile