Topic: C910 Image issues (Compression problem?)

I've been trying to do extra filming the past week or so, but have run into this problem every single time I've filmed.
Below is a video example, but it's almost like the compression is making a sort of flickering thing.
The higher the screen brightness, the worse it looks, but it's still present.
No amount of settings adjustment can seem to fix it.

Uploading to Youtube made it slightly worse, which leads me to lean towards a compression problem of some sort. However, it's also present no matter the frame resolution.

Any ideas?

Also, yes, I know the environment is about the opposite of ideal, but I've got a small apartment and I work with what I can. Better film like this than not at all.

Re: C910 Image issues (Compression problem?)

That just looks grainy to me (used to be common with webcams).

What capture software are you using?

Re: C910 Image issues (Compression problem?)

Could it be the light bulbs you're using? Hard to tell from footage of filming a screen like this, but it resembles the issue you can get from cheap fluorescent lights having a refresh rate that doesn't sync well with your camera's shutter speed. I'm not familiar with the C910 to say if you can adjust shutter speed on it, though.

Re: C910 Image issues (Compression problem?)

I'm using Boats Animator, but the problem persists even in the Logitech "Quick Capture" screen.

That makes sense Smeagol. The overhead lights are florescent and I completely forgot about that being an issue. I just experimented with using only incandescent and it's slightly less grainy. Sadly, the C910 can't adjust shutter speed.

Still, the light bulb change brought it down from "horrible" to "tolerable" so I'm pleased.
Thanks for the help!