Topic: Brix #2: Lego Goldman - "Envole Môa"

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Brix #2: Lego Goldman - "Envole Môa"


Lego Goldman (the minifig version of french singer Jean-Jacques Goldman) goes on tour with his song "Envole Moi" (Love Me Away) but he gets some logistic organisation problems.

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Re: Brix #2: Lego Goldman - "Envole Môa"

Loved it! Great job with the lighting and animation, Maxime! mini/bigsmile
We particularly like when LEGO Goldman gets up straight on after falling: it's really funny!

Re: Brix #2: Lego Goldman - "Envole Môa"

Question for everyone. Who's your favorite brickfilmer who's NOT a Bricks In Motion member?

Mine is Michael Hickox! He's the reason I started stop motion!

most people who know me kinda remember me from that 1 thing i did that 1 time a while back

Re: Brix #2: Lego Goldman - "Envole Môa"

I haven't seen any film from Michael Hickox.
My favorite is  Mirko Horstmann, I'm not totally sure if he's on bricksinmotion or not...

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Re: Brix #2: Lego Goldman - "Envole Môa"

It's crazy to see how all the French media are sharing this brickfilm just because it's about a very famous French singer of the 80's and the 90's. If you type « Lego Goldman » in Google research, you can find at least 30 different websites on which there is an article about it! (and we're talking about very big French media!)

Well deserved success, Maxime!  mini/bigsmile

As your brickfilm is just perfect in all aspects, we wouldn't be able to give you any advice about it, but we have a suggestion about your BiM signature: maybe it's time to change it?

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Re: Brix #2: Lego Goldman - "Envole Môa"


The plot is delightful and fun; a simple problem, several failed solutions, and a final triumphant end!
The rapidly changing lighting was a bit disorientating and hard on the eyes, but even then, the lighting was executed very, very well.

The animation, not only on the instrument players, but also the crowd, was top-notch. My favorite detail was the soundboard and the moving fader at 0:15. I love it!

Congratulations on the media attention!