Topic: Sawtooth Casting calls

Since i will play Dale Romulus Jr. i will be casting for the following roles:

Richard Romulus- Dale's younger Brother (Age 15), Comedic Personality, Curious, Smartass

Dale Romulus Sr. - The Romulus Brothers' Father (age 40) Adventurous, Vigilant against The Things lurking in Sawtooth, and sincere.

Lara Romulus - The Romulus Brothers' Mother (Also Age 40) who is worried about Dale Sr. and is afraid he might get hurt or killed.

Lord William Ravenswood - possessed by a Ghastly Wolf-like Spirit and is planning to kill anyone who seeks his fortune.

Ghost Eye - a Skull Masked Yellow Eyed Spirit Hunter who is Friends with the Romulus Family

RVC-1898 - Robot Who works with the Romulus Family.

Additional Townsfolk- Age Ranges from 3-83 years of age

There is no Audition Deadline but the film will be released in 2024

Re: Sawtooth Casting calls


Could you provide a little more animation about the project at all? Is it a horror film? Sci-fi with supernatural elements? Serious or funny?

Do you have any test lines for the characters or a description/samples of how you imagine the voice might sound? An address that auditions could be sent to would also be helpful.

Apologies if this was just a preliminary heads-up post that you were planning to expand upon later - if not, you might want to consider doing so to encourage participation in the project. I know I have lots of questions and I'm sure others would too.