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So I’m very new to After Effects. Using CS6 so I can just make a one time payment. I’m using it primarily for mouth animation because there’s really no substitute for CC Cylinder. Everything has been working great, but I encountered a problem while doing my latest test shot. It’s a mouth shot of Palpatine with his hood on and I’m rotating the face on the cylinder. I need to mask the face apart from the hood so that that the below doesn’t happen. It hasn’t worked for me however, because even after drawing the mask, the face still overlaps the hood. Any suggestions would be much appreciated because I have to film a real scene with the character soon. Thanks!

Re: Masking for mouth animation in AE

This is a little bit confusing but this is the fix I have for it.

  • First, track and match your CC cylinder for the whole shot, don't do any masking on it.

  • Then hide all layers on the composition so you just have the CC Cylinder on a clear background.

  • Duplicate your composition, in the new duplicated composition delete the CC Cylinder and unhide all other layers.

  • Add your old composition with the CC cylinder as a layer on top of your new composition. (be sure to copy it as a composition, not as the CC cylinder in the comp)

  • Mask as a 2D layer.

Re: Masking for mouth animation in AE

Alright I’ll see how that works. Thanks for the reply Sloth!

Re: Masking for mouth animation in AE

So I’m playing around with this again, and the above solution was of no avail. The problem that’s occurring is that when I mask the video with the cylinder effect, it is masking it as if it were an image with no cylinder, and so with the cylinder effect applied, the mask is distorted. So I’m trying to find out how to mask the cylinder. I’m quickly growing tired of using the eraser tool every frame.

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