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So background, I'm a huge star wars fan. Always have been. I wanted to write my own side of the Star Wars story so I recently wrote my own story line following what would be a episode 10, 11, and 12 of a new Star Wars trilogy. Currently, I have completed the script for both 10, and 11. I need the following voice actors:

3 Female's (Ahsoka/ 2 Sith Apprentices) *Only need females, yes i'm a loser and don't know any*

Voice accents don't matter right now and I'm just looking to see what I can find in terms of actors. I'm offering some compensation as well, however not much. I'm a BROKE college student so if you do end up being chosen to voice act I will Venmo or CashApp you $5 for the time and effort if I like your your voice.

Any help is appreciated. If you yourself are not interested, please spread the word. I'm just looking to get some help! Respond to this thread or email me at [email protected] for further information. Thank you!

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Re: Star Wars Fan Film Casting Call

What are the lines for the male sith apprentice? Email them here please [email protected]
If I like them I think I’ll do it. Possibly.

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