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For a challenge here on BiM.

Plus, in the middle, I got a new webcam. That's why it's sharper there. mini/smile

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Re: Earthquake!

Er ... right. How is that an earthquake? It's really choppy and well, (no offence) crappy. Your slowly getting better-ish.

0.5 / 5

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Re: Earthquake!

ok only the first 4 seconds was an earthquake, the rest was people standing, then getting hit by a car, then a long censored period (which should have been shorter). mini/sad  although "WHAT HAPPENED HERE" was funny mini/smile . So I give it 2/5 stars.

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Re: Earthquake!

LOL I can tell you changed webcams. mini/lol
There should be more "Earthquake" and less "Censored". mini/XD
3 Stars.

The post above needs to be 2% more awesome than now.

Re: Earthquake!

I agree with RobBrick, apart from that you are getting better. It seemed of the same standard as your other stuff. Maybe VERY MILDLY better. Keep trying.

Re: Earthquake!

Well that's a let-down. mini/sad
I thought this was pretty good apart from my others. Well, I'm working on it.
Thanks for being honest! mini/smile