Re: (Enter Vladimir Vango)

Thanks, Brickyman. mini/smile

Now, I finally got some picture of the lighting set up:

I took the top two with some natural light so it would be more easy to see.
Basically, it's a coiled up string light supported by some scaffolding Noloben and I built, which has this pleasant sort of vanilla hue which I really like a lot, and I think worked extremely well for this movie as you can see:

I especially love the way it reflects of of Donald's hair.

I've also uploaded pictures of every single frame in the very short bricksplosion shot at the end if anyone would like to see that frame-by-frame:

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Re: (Enter Vladimir Vango)

That is very clever. I like the way you used the cord lights. Did you use a lamp too, or was it just those. I'll have to buy some of that later.
Loved the bricksplosion too. I wish I had all those orange bits.