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The Alien Savior


A depressed man is suddenly saved by a mysterious alien!

Guest Starring: AnnoyingNoisesInc!
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Re: The Alien Savior

Dude the script was totally awesome! Though I did not really get the ending...Great job though!

The Genera|

Re: The Alien Savior

That was pretty great. mini/smile
I really enjoy rhyming, and you narrating, but combining the two makes it wonderful! mini/bigsmile

Besides some weird effects and simple animation, the only thing I didn't really like with the part where I came in.  It's not that I dislike my voices, but every singe person except for him is voiced by you, and my microphone is diferent, so there's this kinda weird inconsistency there which just feels slightly odd and off balance to me.

But I enjoyed it. mini/smile

Re: The Alien Savior

I've never seen anybody use rhymes in a brickfilm before, great and creative work! mini/smile

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