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Train to Catch - Youtube HQ
Looks like I have found the format that youtube likes so I have re-posted some previous movies in higher quality. This movie was my first brickfilm, made last year. The video camera was not the best method but I was learning. Always learning.


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Re: Train 2 Catch - HQ

That's such a beautiful setup. I really wish I had that kind of space to play around with.

Do you mean, HD, not HQ? Nevertheless, it's very nice. mini/smile

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Re: Train 2 Catch - HQ

its even better in HD! mini/bigsmile

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Re: Train 2 Catch - HQ

The sets and animation were *sniff* beautiful. Although I think your animation  is a little bit rushed. Other than that. . .


Re: Train 2 Catch - HQ

I really liked the, the animation was totaly smooth. I loved the theif's death.
as for the hero, I'm not sure if his death is suicide, or a tragic accedent....
overall score: mini/yes

Re: Train 2 Catch - HQ

Yeah, I wasn't sure if he was trying to commit suicide, or did he just not look where he was going?
Anyway, I really liked it. Huge set though. Phew!