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Re: A Future for All

I like it! I'm quite a fan of movies that don't have a 'happy ending' that everyone expects. Some movement seems a bit choppy but the set design is great! Lovely movie, 4/5 .

Re: A Future for All

Wow, very well done. The cinematography and the animation were both very well done and you conveyed the story without words very effectively.

Re: A Future for All

Awesome! The cinematography is excellent!
Congratulations for winning Steinerei 2012 with this film! mini/smile

Re: A Future for All

Amazing, yet depression. I'm a huge fan of your work.

Re: A Future for All

Wow, that was amazing. Nice work, like Golden said, I am also a big fan of your films. 5/5

Re: A Future for All

Man it´s awesome!! I loved the set, it´s perfect!!
You really deserve the 1st Place!


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