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This video was made last year for my history class. I made it as an opener to the lessons we were going to have about the samurai. It was also the second time I have had my classmates voice in a film. Unfortunately, it is a bit confusing, and may take a couple times to watch before it makes sense.

Any why is my thumbnail not working? mini/sad

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Sup y'all. mini/bigsmile

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OK, I like the concept, but must say that the execution could have been ever so slightly better.

The animation was good, and the sets were pretty interesting. (All but 0:59's set.)
But the main flaws were the highly visible clay, (Masking would have helped!) and the voice acting/timing.
There was just a little bit too much time between most of the narrator's lines, but that could be easily remedied but cutting a little bit from each scene. The sound levels also ranged a lot, (See 1:56-2:05) and some of the lines had that annoying breath-on-mic sound.

Overall I liked the video, (especially the end) so fix a few little things and keep up the good work!