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Johnny Thunder Desert Expedition: Second Map


This was the second installment of my Johnny Thunder series from early 2011.  I know this has really bad light flicker and focus (I had all the settings on auto).  I filmed the next two episodes a little while after this but never finished adding sound.

And yes, I know that the voice acting in this is terrible.  I was like 12 and didn't script anything, I just said something once and added it in just like that.

If anough people want to see the series ended I may finish the sound with the old animation in the distant future (though it's not likely UNLESS I have quite a few people asking).

Thanks for watching!

Re: Johnny Thunder Desert Expedition: Second Map

I'd say this one is better than your first one. However, the vehicles move far too slow. A few other probs, but still, not bad. mini/smile
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Re: Johnny Thunder Desert Expedition: Second Map

The voice acting was TERRIBLE, I'm horrified I was so bad.  I think I'm only a *little* better now mini/sad
Yeah, I knew the cars were to slow but if I sped them up they would be too choppy since I couldn't do any frame blending (come to think of it, I still don't know how).
But yeah it wasn't too bad, I think probably my favorite camera movement I've ever done was that one at the start with Johnny standing up.

Don't expect the next two anytime soon; I never added sound and I'm in no hurry too do that.  The fourth one had some pretty cool stuff, while the third was the really talkative episode. 

I think it would be really cool to reboot this and create a new Johnny Thunder series but that would wait until summer.

Re: Johnny Thunder Desert Expedition: Second Map

Loved it, and I did like some of the camera movements you put in. Enjoyed watching it.

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