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Santa Claus is Comin' To Town


Sorry for killing everybody's holiday spirit! :L
This video was actually supposed to be a project for my English class, we were supposed to create a satire based on a holiday song. Mine got a tad out of hand though, as you can see, because I created a five minute brickfilm in less than a week! That being said, I was rather rushed when it came to animation, and my group members did not have the best microphones, so it is far from perfect. But I feel like we made a decent effort! What do you think?

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Sorry about this bump as I really don't like bumping my own threads, but I was kinda hoping for at least a little criticism... mini/confused


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Nicely done!  As said by the user in the comments a few rough edges to the film.  But overall very decent!

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Through the entire thing I have no idea what the main guy was saying almost all the time.

I liked the tone of the film at the beginning. It was creepy, the notes reminded me of Slender. And because it was supposed to be dark and creepy, it somewhat made up for the really choppy animation and the grainy bad quality. It seemed to fit better. Though, I'd still say you really should go and work on you animation. Learning to smooth it out is a wonderful thing. And you've been at the for far too long for excuses. mini/tongue

The creepy setting was ruined by the daylight, and after that, there was more talking, which I couldn't understand. So the film did basically fall apart at that point.

But keep working it it. mini/smile
Perhaps try some easing tests.

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Definitely. This entire film was extremely rushed because I was working with a very tight deadline. I don't even know why I opted to make this film instead of doing a simple script as the assignment called for, especially with finals week and stuff. But I must say that my classmates enjoyed it a lot.

I did not realize how bad the audio quality was because I had pretty much memorized the script so I understood what he was saying. The voice actor for Wyeth was one of my group members and we only realized that he didn't have a proper mic the night before the project was due.

But you are definitely right. I feel that my animation skill had a peak a while ago, but then I had a long period of non-brickfilming, mostly because of school and also because my animation partner had a brief spell of lego-phobia (it's gone now mini/bigsmile )

I am definitely going to work on animation before I start my magnum opus, the thing about the hipsters and stuff.  Thank you very much for the feedback, I want you to know that I really appreciate it. And you know what? I think I will put subtitles on the film mini/smile

EDIT: Anybody know how to add subtitles? I am trying to upload a .doc file with the transcript to youtube and I get this:

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The file extension that YouTube accepts (or at least one of them) is SubRip (.srt). I don't think a .doc file will work. Are you using Subtitle Workshop? I've used it whenever I've made captions; it's pretty great and easy to use.

I really like the beginning of the film a lot. The lighting is very well done and the mood you set made me interested in what was going to happen afterwards. After that, though, the film is rather random and doesn't deliver on the intriguing opening. The conversation near the end was pretty interesting and had some good voice-acting, but other than that, the end of the film is somewhat disappointing. I'm aware that this was rushed, so anyways, good job with the opening. I'm excited to see your entry to the Christmas in a Minute contest.

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Cool, thanks for the advice, I will try using this software for my subtitles.
Until then, I am actually going to post the script to the film in case anybody would like to see what the film was intended to be like. Here is the link. Things always turn out way better for me on paper than in Lego. mini/cat