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Note(s): This is not my THAC X (aka the tenth 24-Hour Animation Contest, hosted by Hazzat, on Bricks in Motion) film. That won't be uploaded until tomorrow afternoon. This was supposed to be my warm-up for the contest

Tintin spends his Christmas with his ol' chum, Captain Haddock, and his dog, Snowy.

I made this with Monkeyjam (I'm still trying to get used to it after I "pioneered" to another laptop), a free animation software I got off the Internet. It works pretty good, I guess, but it takes forever to render. I know the animation started out smooth at the beginning, but it sort of went downhill from there. I made this over a period of days, and I stopped animating sometimes between frames. On the final night of animation (the last couple of shots), I finished around 11:00, so I stopped so I could get some good rest for THAC the next day. This was more of a test, but, it's still an actual film (so, it's here in this forum).

A very special thank-you goes to these awesome people, who voice acted.

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