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A minifigure has some difficulties.
Also, here's a behind the scenes video:

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A little confusing in the beginning, but it unfolds very nicely. Well done! mini/smile

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Love this! A bit creepy though...  mini/twitch

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Hmmm...It's a bit confusing, but a cool little film.

So, this is all a dream....Right?
Several shots at the beginning reveal that the building and trees are already flipped, but then once the couch moves, everything is consistent except the gravity of the guy. But then one has to ask why the couch would be on the roof.

The green-screen is good, but his shadow remains. There is a prop bump or two, and the green screen at the end is noticeable. But I like how you did the texting, it's cool.

You did a good job of conveying the flipped gravity, and the set is nicely detailed. The pacing is nice, although a bit more of a pause between the last message, and the "Can't send" screen would have added a bit more tension.

I personally would have picked a different take of the couch falling up, (The second one in the BTS video) as it more clearly conveys what is happening, and doesn't seem as chaotic and disorientating.

Gotta hand it to you, that effect is quite convincing, and you did a great job with it. And while this may have a few little flaws, it's overall a nice and fun film. Can't wait to see what's coming from you next!

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Awesome film! such a good concept, it was so intense haha
great animation as usual and loved the green screening mini/smile
well done.

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Wow, thank-you everyone. mini/bigsmile
Glad you guys like it and thanks for the detailed feedback Pritchard, really helps mini/smile

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Wow. This is actually a very good brickfilm. Well done! I find some of the "zooming" in the first few shots a little disturbing. But other than that, this was very, very good. I knew you were able to make pretty good animations, but this film had such a clever concept (or it's just told i such a clever way) that I became positively surprised when I watched it.

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Great concept, man.  Really enjoyed it.
The only thing I think let it down a little was the cinematography; for the most part it was played safe, and could have done with some more movement (not just tilts and pans), and different angles.

Aside from that, it was great! Well done, dude!

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Again, thanks for the feedback! mini/bigsmile
@Saminatorger I was thinking that myself a little when in post production but by that time I had of course put my foot though his house so it would of been quite hard to re-take any of those scenes mini/lol

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That shot of him floating away from the house was really nice. Such a cool concept, Isaac! Keep up the great work!

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Very nice work!  Very impressive, it was very fluid and had the prefect amount of weirdness/creepiness to it.  The shot of the minifig floating away from the house looked quite CGIed, but I didn't even notice that the background of the shot with the minifig texting was green-screened.  (Incidentally, what program do you use for greenscreening?)  Another thing I noticed is that some of the bricks in the interior sets weren't connected firmly enough and looked quite "gappy" as a result, but that's a pretty minor thing.  Overall, well done!  If this is anything to go by, BULB is going to be amazing.

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@Repelling Spider
Thanks mini/bigsmile
I have been using Vegas pro 10 for green-screening and it's not too bad.
Thanks for the feedback mini/smile

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Very cool, innovative, probably the best since RED and GREEN.

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