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Not Hazzat (A THAC 11 entry)

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THAC 11 was my third THAC. Now that I've been doing this a while, one could conclude that this would be my most successful THAC, right? Wrong. The quality isn't great; its a very rushed job. But, I hope someone will have the courage to speak their mind and review this thing.

There's probably a lot of inside jokes in this entry you won't get. But, what the heck. Why not at least pretend to enjoy it?

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Re: [THAC 11] Not Hazzat

How we had similar ideas, I don't know, but this was good. The animation was clearly rushed, but the concept was golden. Your story ideas are great.

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Re: [THAC 11] Not Hazzat

I liked it. The idea was very good. Like Funmi pointed out, the animation was rushed, but it's THAC so it's understandable. I like how the hacker

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was portrayed as a BiM rival (Brick-A-Brack). I liked that idea.

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While it has technical flaws, I love that you went with a story about fellow brickfilmers! The idea of BiM getting hacked was really interesting - and the fact that CNN was reporting on it was pretty interesting too.

I can't believe I could've voiced this and I missed out! Oh well - maybe next year? mini/wink

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Thank you guys for giving your feedback on this! I think the only problem I had with the final outcome of this entry was, like you guys have already stated, the rush-job animation. That and my bad Christiane Amanpour impression. mini/tongue The voice actors did very good, and I was real impressed with them, especially MonsieurCaron; his performace was delightfully evil. I actually went through four other ideas, and had scrapped two scripts. I liked this one, so I stuck with it and animated it. I'm glad you guys [kind of] enjoyed it! Happy New Year!

Have you seen a big-chinned boy?

Re: [THAC 11] Not Hazzat

Not as good as obscured outlooks (lacked as many memorable moments), however it was nevertheless a classic Mickey film! Keep up the good work mate mini/smile

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