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The Police Delivery

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An entry for THAC 11.


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Probably the best.

I love the voice acting so much.  The cop sounds amazing.  Just amazing!

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Love it, some brilliant lines in there. The animation also for some reason reminds me of the Robot Chicken lego shorts, especially when he kicked the table. Subscribed, great work.

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Re: The Police Delivery

I haven't watched a ton of THAC entries yet, but I really enjoyed this one.  It goes to show how big a difference well written dialogue accompanied with some good voice acting can make.  It's almost too bad that this is a THAC entry because I think with some more time and polish you could have had a real winner.  But as a THAC entry it's pretty dang good.

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The story was kind of predictable, but I soon overlooked that because of the great writing and smooth animation. I don't know why, but it seemed wonderfully lifelike, which is awfully hard to pull off when making a brickfilm. Also, I loved the clown bit..."We're gonna lock you up, and then we're gonna lock you up again." mini/lol Ha ha, awesome job, Forlorn!

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Really funny, and the voice acting is amazing. The technical aspects are really well done too. I think the only thing that might hurt your chances of winning is that a lot of other people did the same sort of story, although this is probably the best written. Really great job. mini/smile