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If Prison Bars Could Talk

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Made for BRAWL 2014. Placed 16th.
A special prisoner is about to be transferred, but when chaos erupts in the prison, will this man be able to survive?
Who is the mysterious person helping him, and what side is everybody truly on?

And just how much of this whole universe-thing has this animator had planned from the beginning?

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Like you already stated in the chatroom, and I totally agree, this is a very Moffat-like method of tying all those films of yours together. Good job with doing so, too. The film is an ample length for BRAWL, and, had you more than a week, I would really suggest making this longer and going more in-depth with each character's revelation here.

Gosh, I love Dr. Duh's gunshots. They're fantastically splendiferous.

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I enjoyed the film and concept very much, love the method of using different characters all in one.

Good job mini/smile


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Re: BRAWL 2014- If Prison Bars Could Talk

This is amazing. If this doesn't place at least in the top five I will be suprised.

Some Lego, Some Lego, my kingdom for some Lego.

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Thanks all!
I too hope it places well, but there's a number of great films this year, so there's no telling where this will go.
Joining the characters was an experiment that seems to have payed off really well, and I'm sure glad that it did.
Of course, now I have to keep track of everything and keep remembering every detail for the next film.... mini/eh

@Mighty, those gunshots were literally the result of thinking of the easiest and simplest way to doing it. But you're not the only one to have commented on them. Kinda funny how the smallest things seem to shine out at times.
And yeah, more time would have helped. But stay tuned, as those revelations may possibly be explored in future projects.

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A smart thriller that involves Captain Obvious, crossing paths with the characters from If Rooftops Could Talk. Nicely done, Pritch.

Have you seen a big-chinned boy?

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Very impressive.  It's crazy what people can make in a week.

I think the most impressive part of this was the story.  Yes, it's complicated.  Yes, it took me a few watches of this and another of all the other films it ties into, but you did very well with tying them all together with a film, especially with the limited time frame you had to make it. 
The cinematography and animation was very good, there were a few small camera jitters during some of those longer tracking shots, but it wasn't that noticeable.  The good definitely outweighed the bad.  The wider aspect ratio also looked really nice for this. 
The music and sound effects all fit well, and the voice acting was great except that one Ax cop guy, he was crazy good, amirite?

I can't really think of anything that was poorly done, besides the few slight camera jitters.  Overall, great film with excellent cinematography and angles, lighting, sets, animation, sound, and a terrific story.

Awesome job!
Also, this should have placed way higher than it did, for one thing there's no way it should have been behind mine.  It just doesn't add up.

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Thanks Jonn!
Wait, you mean I wasn't supposed to use my time machine? mini/tongue

Anyway, the plot was designed to not be that complex, but also to make you wanna re-watch all the others. The perfect combo I think. And thanks for agreeing to voice the guy again, without that, this story wouldn't have come together like it did. And yes, my camera rig had a few issues. After filming, repairs were attempted, but they only made everything worse. Still working on that I'm afraid....

But it's great that you enjoyed it!
And I'm not bothered by the judging. At the end of the day, it's all about having fun.

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Yeah, this really puts my film to shame. This is so good! Especially since it was only made in a week.
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