Topic: BRAWL 2014 Results!
I would like to thank everyone for their participation in BRAWL 2014. In total, there were 44 entries submitted, that's double the amount of entries from last year. Setting a new record for the most amount of entries from a BRAWL contest (the previous record was 41 entries in 2011). That's a great turnout, and I would like to thank all of you for that!

So without further-ado, here are the results for BRAWL 2014! I hope you respect the judge's final decision. If you haven't already, watch all the BRAWL 2014 entries!

And If you forgot how the films were rated this year...
There are four categories, each worth a different amount of points.

• Theme Interpretation 40/100
• Presentation/Technical Aspects 30/100 (Animation, Lighting, Sound, Editing, & etc.)
• Story 20/100
• Creativity 10/100

The judges will rate how well you did in each individual category. Each category will then be averaged among the three judges. After that, all of your average category scores will be added together to give you an x/100 score.
Your judges are Squash, Hazzat, and myself.

[Note, there are two ties]
DQ Timmy by Chalksters55
41st BRAWLing During BRAWL by Annoying Noises Productions
40th Dooet: Origins by NXTManiac
39th Blood Cop by Not4Snail
38th The Wizard and the Jester by PixTron
37th The Liman(Lame man) Identity by Funmiproductions
36th A Series of Unfortunate Developments by Stefan Muscat
35th The Teleporter by Joebor1777
34th Grounded by Prestigious Pie Productions
33rd LEGO The Robot of Norcafall by That's Fine Studios
32nd Solarum by Mustache Maniacs
31st Stories With No Characters by Tenny1028

30th Check Please by The Login Productions

29th Tale of Nashkel - Rising of Darkness by Shutterpoint

28th The Keeper by Duffosaur

27th The Felony at the Fruit Stand by Rioforce

26th You Never go to Florida by Brickelodeon

25th Cascade by Willco66

24th Talipoli Studios BRAWL 2014 Entry by Talipoli Studios

23rd Sub-Zero Shenanigans by Pushover Productions

22nd A Father's Tale by BlockPartyAnimationStudios

22nd Genghis Khan Likes Men by Max Butcher

21st Broken News by End Films

Bionic Development by KB Videos/ Kieren Barnett

Separated by Backyardlegos

Growth by Gilbert Studios

Loyalty by FlyingMinifig

The Room by GHB

If Prison Cells Could Talk by Pritchard Studios

The Town of Florida by LASF

Fixer by Mighty Wanderer

Only Human by JonnDthunDer

Benny n' Lee in: Changing Room by Sillypenta

Love Blossoms by Binding Brick

Green by Jampot

Photographic Developments by Sonjira

One in a Million by Brickelodeon

LEGO Robin Hood by Arginnon

By Night by Onion

Character Development by Sir-glub and JaykoFilms

We The Pumpkins Three by Annoying Noises Productions

Click here for detailed results.

Special thanks go out to Squash and Hazzat for judging, and to Realbrick for making the BRAWL banners this year!

I'll see you next year for BRAWL 2015!

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Re: BRAWL 2014 Results!

15TH! mini/bigsmile

Re: BRAWL 2014 Results!

Gratz all!

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Re: BRAWL 2014 Results!

Congrats to all who entered.

Re: BRAWL 2014 Results!

So proud of my placing! Even though I dropped a number form last year, percentile wise I improved significantly!

Congrats to all the people who entered. And great job to all the judges and runners, you did great!
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Re: BRAWL 2014 Results!

Nice job guys!  Watch it on YouTube!

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I went to four!
Oh wow.
That's a good placing, though.
I don't see how The Website got so high up, though, I never expected that.  Glub's was way cooler.

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10th! I suppose that'd pretty good for a first time during BRAWL (never done THAC either).

Congrats to everyone who entered, and especially to Nathan Wells, Twickabrick and Galen5055!
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Re: BRAWL 2014 Results!

Next year, I'm going to do my best to get first AND last!

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Re: BRAWL 2014 Results!

25th, not bad. Congrats to Nathan, twickabrick and galen. Only thing I'm disappointed is that Loyalty didn't place higher.

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Re: BRAWL 2014 Results!

17th! Awesome! I'm glad I was able to enter!

Re: BRAWL 2014 Results!

Willco66 wrote:

25th, not bad. Congrats to Nathan, twickabrick and galen. Only thing I'm disappointed is that Loyalty didn't place higher.

Though I liked Sir-Glub's best, I thought that one would most likely win.

Re: BRAWL 2014 Results!

Needed more creativity to nail a spot in the top ten, or even the top third....Oh well, there's always next year. mini/smile

Still, congrats to the winners, ya'll did a fantastic job, and also to Funsucker and the judges for doing their work quickly and well. It was a great week!

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Wow 24th. My goal was ths top 20, but after seeing the other entries, I am glad that I am not last!

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This was a great BRAWL year. Thanks for running it so well Fun Sucker, and thanks Hazzat, Squash, and Fun Sucker (again) for judging! Great job everybody who entered and who tried to enter, and congratulations Nathan Wells on winning!

Re: BRAWL 2014 Results!

Judging this contest was nothing short of a pleasure. Every single entry was incredibly enjoyable, and all you entrants should be incredibly proud of yourselves. Well done everyone!

Re: BRAWL 2014 Results!

Man!  I need to get out of 11th place..  THAC twice now this..  This only means I need to get better!  Congrats to Nathan and all the other great entries we saw this year.  Can't wait for the next contest.

Re: BRAWL 2014 Results!

Nice to see the results!  18th isn't too bad for my first BRAWL, I guess.

I'm disappointed Sub-Zero Shenanigans didn't get placed higher.  I thought it would have deserved a much higher place.  Also, I don't see how The Website got such a high ranking.  Not that it's a bad film, just surprised to see it so high.  And I'm also curious to know how Benny 'n' Lee: Changing Room got such a high score for theme interpretation.

Regardless, there were loads of good films this year, and most of the top ones definitely deserved their spot.  Congratulations to the winners, and a big thank you to Fun Sucker, Squash, and Hazzat for hosting and judging!

Willco66 wrote:

Only thing I'm disappointed is that Loyalty didn't place higher.

Thanks! mini/smile

Retribution (3rd place in BRAWL 2015)

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Re: BRAWL 2014 Results!

i didn't win

this contest is rigged

Re: BRAWL 2014 Results!

I was just saying that I hope I'm in the top 5 and then I got 5th. Really happy mini/smile