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BiM Celebration Film


I went a totally different route than almost all the other entries I've seen.  More of an artistic film than anything. 
I dunno, this was what I came up with.  Whether or not it makes sense with the theme celebration...well it did to me.

Also, I could totally do better with that title at the end, there wasn't time to make one so I used that one from like a year ago.  Kinda lame, oh well.  But hey, I did the music myself so that's pretty cool, right?

Re: BiM Celebration Film

This is probably my favorite entry that I've seen so far. (Other than my own - but, I'm really impartial to that one, as, it's the first video that I've been able to do, and like, in years... having failed at completing anything for THAC 11 and BRAWL 2014)

Though it's animation isn't specifically anything to marvel at, (it's actually a little bumpy for the 'dolly' shots) it is pretty meaningful. Short and sweet, just how I like contest-made brickfilms. You really were able to do a lot in only 30 seconds, and that's really a great feat!

You're message seems to be a bit similar to mine, in a way - though, you choosing to represent a character/world relationship on a "human to LEGO" scale, I choosing a much smaller approach. (spare/misc. parts to other, more well known themes) It's nice to see another entry that really tried for a more "meaningful" celebration, rather than just a bland party, or a short slapstick. mini/smile

I've rated it 5 stars. You definitely deserve them, even if there is a bit of room for improvement. mini/smile

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The concept was good and definitely fit into what the video was for mini/smile . The camera movement was quite jerky, and it being for a large part of this short film made it very distracting. Keep up the good work.

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I agree with the others about the animation and the message. I think you did a great job, Jonn.

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I will actually have to disagree about the camera movements being jerky. It sort of looked to me like those real-life handheld shots. You know, where the guy holding the camera forgot to bring his steadycam. I really liked it. It proves that you can tell a story in a very short time. I also just noticed that it switched from black and white to color. xD Great lighting too. mini/smile

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That was cool. Good job with the rotation. mini/smile