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I made this brick film in 1989, shot on 35mm cine film. Although there are brick films that were made before it, I think it was probably the first brick film to gain a wide release on TV.

It was a music video for a band called Ethereal, I had never attempted animation before, or since.

It looks reaaaally dated now and was the first ever paying job (it shows), however thought you may like to see it for historical value if nothing else.

Hope you enjoy it



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Wow! Two previously unknown 1980's brickfilms posted in the same week?!

This has some beautiful picture quality and animation for 1989! What camera did you use to film this? I would love if you could give us some details of production. I really like the paper props and other custom elements and the backdrops look great. Wonderful video and thank you so much for sharing! mini/bigsmile

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Welcome and thanks for sharing that.  mini/smile

What was Lego's claim?  Simply that you were using there products in a commercial setting?  I assume they got bored eventually and went away?

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Incredibly aesthetic, and rich with colour, this is one of the finest classic LEGO music videos I've ever seen, and possibly one of the earliest examples of the genre. I'm amazed at how MTV actually broadcast this, because that's awesome. Beautiful job, David!

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If I was a kid, I think this video would've really messed me up!

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This is absolutely magical. It's beautiful, imaginative and unlike anything I've ever seen. I adore this.

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That's really cool indeed. The sets are so cute!
Thanks for sharing! mini/bigsmile

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There's not enough descriptive words that describe what I feel when I watch this.
The last time this happened was when I watched "The Magic Portal."
It's almost as if the viewer is transported back to a magical time of Saturday morning cartoons, while eating not-so-good-for-you colorful cereal. There's also this Peter Gabriel/vintage MTV vibe I get when I'm watching this.
So many happy memories from a special moment some time ago.

Many thanks to whoever discovered this lost chapter.
Not only in music video history, but Lego filming history as well.

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A few days ago I was wondering if there were any other brickfilm made in the pre-digital era, apart from The Magic Portal... you just brought the answer to me. And what an answer !
This is such a great & imaginative creation ! I like the feel-good vibe all over it.
I find here what I feel really lacks nowadays brickfilms : a sense of magic, crazy and fun. The animation, though simple, is ambitious and imaginative.

And the fact that it was made during an era where brickfilming wasn't yet digital, it just makes it even better !

Bravo !

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iguana wrote:

I find here what I feel really lacks nowadays brickfilms : a sense of magic, crazy and fun.

As for me, it isn't just what is lacking in brickfilms, but on television at all. MTV is just not what it used to be.

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This is simply wonderful. The bright primary colors, creative animation and use of parts, cool stuff! It feels very much a product of it's time as well, which is not a bad thing! I love this era of LEGO sets, so it is awesome seeing a whole world in motion inhabited by them.

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