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Tectonic Man II: The Uncatchables (Part 1)

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The adventure continues! The lovable hero, Tectonic Man, faces new villains and new challenges as he battles an evil gang of jewelry robbers that call themselves "The Uncatchables". Sit back and enjoy this thrilling adventure!

This is part one of a sequel to my and my brother's film, Tectonic Man. We had every intention of making part two, but life has gotten in the way for about 6 years now. I hope to finish part two sometime in the near future, so stay tuned!

Re: Tectonic Man II: The Uncatchables (Part 1)

I'll just give my collective thoughts on both of these films here.

I think you guys really nailed the old-timey superhero serial aesthetic in these films, in your dialog, scenarios, and choice of music. As a big fan of the old Fleischer Superman cartoons, I really enjoyed how much this felt like an actual episode from the series.

You had some pretty good animation. A little jerky at times, but in a way that didn't really distract from the movie.

All around these are very enjoyable films! I hope you do make that sequel in the future!
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Re: Tectonic Man II: The Uncatchables (Part 1)

I'll be sure to "stay tuned!" You have nearly created a superhero as memorable and likable as Superman, Spider-Man, or any other lasting hero. Your film perfectly captures the feel of the era of classic movies (mostly 40's and 50's flicks) and, will be a staple on my top 50 brickfilms for years to come. Great job. I can't wait to see more adventures of Tectonic Man! mini/smile
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Re: Tectonic Man II: The Uncatchables (Part 1)

I remember the first Tectonic Man from years ago, it made me fall in love with this fig wig and I went out and bought them in every color they were in at the time.

There are a lot of fun little things you did with the animation but it could have been even better if you had has a more snappy run animation, the pace Tectonic Man was moving just did not seem as urgent as the music. But all that aside good stuff.

Re: Tectonic Man II: The Uncatchables (Part 1)

Good to see old fans returning, and new ones coming! mini/bigsmile

I totally agree with the run animation. That was one thing I was never completely satisfied with. That's creative work for you, though. You're never fully satisfied, which motivates you to keep improving.

I really do hope to get Part 2 of the Uncatchables done sometime in the near future. I'm in between camera equipment at the moment, so it's likely the earliest I'll be able to start on it would be Spring of 2015. I've been brainstorming some ideas for a Tectonic Man III, so hopefully I'll be able to get that going as well mini/smile