Topic: CASTING CALL: Lego Batman: Bomb attack

Hi there!

Farting Productionz here. I am making a new brickfilm about Batman. It's kinda like a classic Batman film. Basicaly, Joker plants a bomb in Gotham and Batman has to stop him.

NOTE: The film will have some medium to heavy violence, but there will be no swearing and bad words, just to let you guys know.

I'm gonna need 3 voice actors:

First off the BATMAN.
He is of course the main character, that the story revolves around, so he'll have most of the lines.
Dark, deeper, cracking voice. Try to sound like the Batman from the Dark Knight, but if you can't, the voice of the Arkham series Batman is ok too. Just don't sound too casual.

Next off, I'm gonna need the JOKER. He's a villain and the main enemy of the Batman. mini/bigsmile
Try to use higher and a bit annoying sounding voice, like Joker does. I'm really looking for a good Joker voice actor, so try your best, guys! mini/smile ALREADY TAKEN

I'm also gonna need someone to voice THUG 1 and THUG 2. They don't have any major roles in the video.
Just try to voice casual for both of them, because they are thugs. They don't need special voices.
NOTE: Thug 2 will have a line or two more than thug 1.

Here is the picture of thug 1:

Here is the picture of thug 2:

If you are interested in voicing any of the characters, send me an email with the lines that I'll provide for each character right HERE:

BATMAN: I'm gonna stop you!

JOKER:Oh Batsy Bats!

THUG 1: I hate this job!

THUG 2: Me too!

You can also PM me on youtube or this site. mini/smile
Email: [email protected]

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