Topic: Animator of the Week: Kris Theorin (Bionicle28) (Jan 5, 2015)

This featured brickfilmer post is the first in a series of articles highlighting animators who supported the Bricks in Motion Documentary project on Kickstarter.

Kris, also known as Bionicle28, is a 17 year old animator who, along with the rest of his family, forms Something's Awry Productions. He's produced several videos for the LEGO Group, most recently working on a pilot for a series of videos which explain how to make stop motion films using the LEGO Movie Maker app. He also worked on animated credits for the documentary Beyond the Brick.

"Creating Brick Films allows my brother and I (He writes and voices all the films) to create fantastical stories that we otherwise wouldn't be able to do. We try to create films that are unique and have a quirky sense of humor. Since we also create live action films as well, some of our films include cinematic techniques that you might not see utilized in traditional brick films."

Kris's background in a variety of disciplines shows in the technical work on his 2012 comedy, "The Call of Farqunglu." See the full film on his YouTube channel, or discuss it in the releases forum.

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Hey!  Congratulations!  I like this new ___of the week feature.

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Call of Farqunglu was in my opinion the best brickfilm released that year.  Such a magical film.
I'd sure like to see more films come out later.

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I hadn't seen Call of Farqunglu before, and I thought it was excellent. I guess maybe I'm just out of the loop about new films in the past few years.

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I found this on the LEGO Group's YouTube channel today:
It's his Tongal entry for a LEGO Jurassic World competition.

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