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A Most Curious Button THAC XII (Late)

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It's 24 hours late, but here is what would've been my THAC XII entry. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed creating it. All the proper thank yous are in the description of the video and in the video itself.
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Re: A Most Curious Button THAC XII (Late)

Wow, that was good. It had a very unique story. I didn't understand it all the way, my I really like the crazy montauge with all the minifigures. The animation was good too. Keep it up! mini/smile

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Re: A Most Curious Button THAC XII (Late)

It's a bummer you didn't make it on time, but I'm glad you finished out the film. This was an interesting take on the theme, and I like it. That animation was good, and I really liked how to did the thought/dream sequence.

Re: A Most Curious Button THAC XII (Late)

I really enjoyed this concept. I think it really gave the theme a whole new perspective! I was very glad to be a part of this project. Look forward to seeing more from you in the future!

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Re: A Most Curious Button THAC XII (Late)

The story was its strongest part and kept me engaged. This entry felt a lot like a Twilight Zone episode. In the future, maybe work on lighting to help make your bricks appear newer. Also, at certain parts I could see outside of the set, so that's something to keep an eye on. The ending of the film could have been slightly clearer as well. The film was very engaging however, and it kept me interested throughout the entire film which is unlike many other entries I have seen thus far. Good luck, hope my criticism is helpful. : )

Re: A Most Curious Button THAC XII (Late)

Aw, thank you for the feedback guys. Rio and Mighty, I appreciate your kind words. I'm just happy I could finish this project and to be honest it came out better than I ever expected.

Gentry, it was nice working with you and look forward to doing so in the future should our paths cross.

LPG, thanks for the constructive criticism. The only thing I'd like to clear up is the "seeing off set" comment. That was purely intentional because I wanted to display "reality collapsing" in some sort of way, since everyone is going crazy and distorted. Of course though, since it appears that it is not clear, that's still my fault for not making it clear! Your comments and suggests are super helpful though so thank you. mini/smile

All of you, thanks for your thoughts, support and feedback!

I encourage any others to share your thoughts as I am just coming out of a long lapse and this was my first film for a very long time, and it's great to be back. mini/smile
Into the darkness once more. I walk into the unknown. To a far better life than I've ever known.

Re: A Most Curious Button THAC XII (Late)

10/10 I love it.

Great to see you back in the swing of brickfilming!

A Life? Cool! Where can I download one of those from?

Re: A Most Curious Button THAC XII (Late)

I am refraining from posting my thoughts on THAC entries until after the judging results are out, but I'll comment on this one since it isn't in competition.

I thought it was a really good effort, I especially liked the animation and audio choices for the portion after the machine is activated. The voice acting meshed well together. The writing feels less on the nose or melodramatic than some of your early work, while still getting its ideas across. That's kind of hard to achieve, and I think you've shown clear progress there.

It'd be nice to see a little more interesting (and compositionally sound) choices in shot selection and perhaps more dynamic lighting in your future projects, though I know this was made for THAC which always makes things a little harder. I feel there's a palpable maturation from your previous films here, so I'd be excited to see that play out in a film you're able to spend more time in.

Re: A Most Curious Button THAC XII (Late)

One of the best brickfilms I've seen in quite a long time. Honestly, this was a masterpiece. From Smeagol's excellent voice work, to the dazzling animation, to the brilliantly executed storyline, this is one of my new favorite brickfilms. I really love these serious, more focused brickfilms, they're the films that inspire me the most. Even though you couldn't enter THAC unfortunately, you should still be very proud of this.

Once again, excellent.

Re: A Most Curious Button THAC XII (Late)

Thanks, Carroll, I'm glad you enjoyed it. And it's great to be back.

Smeagol, I've told you elsewhere but I really do appreciate your encouragement and constructive feedback. It is an honor to have your attention as I've always looked up to you for this sort of thing. I've definitely surprised even myself with this one. And seeing this film is being so well received thus far, that is a good sign that I should perhaps return to animation full time. I just hope another "Early Mornings" doesn't swing around the bend. mini/tongue

GHB, I was really surprised by your kind words. It's funny to think that as I was editing I kept thinking to myself "Gah, this is one of my worst yet". Really though, it's a feeling like no other to see someone inspired by something you've done and I'm glad I was able to somehow instill that in you. Thank you for your support!

As always I love the feedback and constructive criticism, which is always the hardest thing to take...but something that is necessary in order to grow. After all if I had a perfect film, there would be no more room to grow and thus no other adventures to take myself on in animation. Then the whole thing would be boring.

So if anyone else has additional thoughts or comment they'd like to sure, bring them on! And thank you for your support so far guys! mini/smile
Into the darkness once more. I walk into the unknown. To a far better life than I've ever known.