Topic: Brickfilm of the Week: The Hand of Fate (Jan 23, 2015)

This week’s Brickfilm of the Week is The Hand of Fate by Dave Corbett.

The Hand of Fate follows the story of Phil, a man who keeps seeing giant hands attacking his friends. It was made in 2004 and was an entry into the A Peculiar Event contest hosted on It ultimately won first place. Dave Corbett, more commonly known as Digi_Dave, was an active member on during the site’s early years. He made only one other film, The Customer is Always Right.

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Generally, I believe you can divide brickfilms into two distinct camps. The first camp uses LEGO as a filmmaking and storytelling medium, and generally doesn’t acknowledge it’s LEGO-ness (Unrenewable, Good Company, Alex and Derrick: Five Years Later). The second camp embraces it’s LEGO-ness and often also embraces that it’s a stop-motion film (Plastic Love, Copyright, even The LEGO Movie). The Hand of Fate is firmly in the second camp, and while it probably isn’t the first example of this type of brickfilm, it is one of the earliest, and one of the best. The animation is solid and the story told throughout is clever. The Hand of Fate was warmly recieved when it was first released, and Dave went on to reprise his “Professor” voice in Robert Frost’s Cold Comfort.

What are your thoughts on The Hand of Fate? What did you like about it? Did you have a favorite moment? How does it compare to other “LEGO-ness embracing” brickfilms?

Re: Brickfilm of the Week: The Hand of Fate (Jan 23, 2015)

I found the film very enjoyable. I liked the fourth wall breaking, animation, voices, and

Spoiler (click to read)

a hand "attacking" the animator himself.

Re: Brickfilm of the Week: The Hand of Fate (Jan 23, 2015)

I really enjoyed this film - it was funny and I thought some of the effects such as the x-ray were very neat. Keep up this Brickfilm of the Week series!

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Re: Brickfilm of the Week: The Hand of Fate (Jan 23, 2015)

That was pretty good! The most stand out aspect is, of course, the way it embraces its brickfilmy-ness, which I thought it did very well.

I do not like films, in general, that acknowledge or make fun of the medium they are being made in, preferring that a film just let you accept it or not in how it tells its story. This is largely due to such "jokes" commonly coming across as insider wink-winks between the film-makers and the audience members that are "in the know". However, this is definitely one of the better brickfilms I've seen that manages to make a good story centered around the fact that it is stop-motion.

As mentioned, Copyright and, to a large extent, The LEGO Movie are, personally speaking, probably the best examples of films that manage to poke fun at themselves for the medium they are made in without it seeming cheesy or like an inside joke. A more one-off point in a movie that otherwise didn't do stuff like this was the after credits scene in The Boxtrolls, which, in my opinion, was probably the best example I have ever seen of a movie poking fun at itself about how its made.

Re: Brickfilm of the Week: The Hand of Fate (Jan 23, 2015)

I only echo what the others say. It was very enjoyable and well executed. I liked how he did the X-ray effect. That was cool.

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Re: Brickfilm of the Week: The Hand of Fate (Jan 23, 2015)

A truly fantastic classic brick film. Much enjoyed watching this!

Brings back vivid memories mini/smile

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