Topic: Brickfilm of the Week: Out of Time (Jan 30, 2015)

This week’s Brickfilm of the Week is Out of Time by Chris Salt.

Out of Time follows the story of the duo of Mike and Geoff, who, out of boredom, go for a walk and encounter three time-travelling spacemen. It was made in 2003 and won the 2004 NWBrickCon animation competition. Chris Salt, also known as Oblong Pictures, Buxton and 0ldScratch, was an active member of and continues to occasionally post on He has made over 30 brickfilms, including Words of Wisdom and Bowling for Sandercoe. He also has collaborated with musicians to make LEGO music videos, and with the LEGO Group to make promotional videos, the latest being the Top Gear LEGO promo.

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Out of Time is an early example of a brickfilm that derives most of its humor from its clever writing. The animation is simple and works, but the real strength of the film is the natural dialog between protagonist Mike and Geoff, and the blusterous Major Golightly. The pacing is natural and not rushed, and you get a great feel for each character because you get to spend some time with them. And hey, there’s even a monkey (a staple of early brickfilms). Also, veteran brickfilms may recognize a few brickfilm cameos scattered around Mike and Geoff’s apartment. Ultimately, Out of Time is a great example of storytelling and comedic timing.

What are your thoughts on Out of Time? What did you like about it? Did you have a favorite moment? How does it compare to “dynamic duo” brickfilms of today?

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Re: Brickfilm of the Week: Out of Time (Jan 30, 2015)

Yeah! A classic brickfilm I know!

Anyway joking aside, I have always loved Out of Time. I have had it on my computer since, I don't know, 2009 or so, and watch it every once in awhile. Definitely one of the brickfilms that got me interested in lego stop motion.

Like you said, the comedic timing is really what sets this apart. That, and Major Golightly's voice acting. Love it.

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Definitely a favorite of mine.

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Re: Brickfilm of the Week: Out of Time (Jan 30, 2015)

I have always enjoyed this classic. It is well deserving of a brickfilm of the week. mini/smile

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When Out of Time first appeared, it was going against the tide of the day in brickfilming. It has no explosions, fights, chases or Linkin Park but rather relied on an actual story for it's entertainment value (which it retains 12 years later). It stood apart as an actual short film with a proper beginning, middle, and end without being entirely predictable.

Upon this strong foundation is a layer of craft not often seen in first productions. There are details in the sets (art on the walls, depth beyond the back of the alleyway) and the animation (cars passing the front door, reactions to offscreen animals) that lend a very down-to-earth feeling to the whole movie. The sound is also tastefully restrained and in the particular case of the drumming fingers - a favourite detail of mine that I've never forgotten since the first viewing - chosen with great care. As are the shots themselves; we are never flat-on to a wall or confused about what's going on. The angles & camera moves feel very natural and similar to the sort you'd find if this were a live-action movie.

It's really not surprising that someone who put this sort of effort and craft into their first attempt at brickfilming should quickly ascend to the much higher level that Chris operates at now.

Of course, if you put Classic Spacemen in a brickfilm I'm likely to love it no matter what.