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Time Cruisers: A Refreshing Twist


Originally intended as a THAC XII entry, but wasn't finished in the 24 hour period.

Based on the original LEGO theme Time Cruisers this short film tells the story of the confrontation between the superhero Timey Tim and the villain Twistero.

Re: Time Cruisers: A Refreshing Twist

The use of foreground was mostly stellar, there was only one shot where it started to feel cluttered. The use of Time Cruisers was awesome (such an underrated LEGO theme). I also loved your approach to time travel and the issues of writing timey-wimey plots.

So all-around awesome work!
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Re: Time Cruisers: A Refreshing Twist

Wow, I haven't seen a Time Cruisers brickfilm in a while...

Great work on the short. I wish there would have been a bit more at the end, maybe a resolution, or another time travel, but that's a rather small detail. mini/smile

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Re: Time Cruisers: A Refreshing Twist

Thanks for the reviews guys, I really appreciate it! I love the Time Cruisers theme as well jampot and you're right, I might have overdone the foreground effect, less is more, so next time I'll try to hold back mini/lol Thanks for pointing it out!
I'm glad you liked it, rioforce. As for the ending I actually was planning on making it five minutes long with Timey Tim coming back from the future teaming up with Twistero to fight an even worse foe, I even shot some of it, but I scrapped it because it turned out WAY too bad compared to the rest of the movie and the whole thing felt forced.